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Fire Extinguisher Ratings Classes and Types of Fire Extinguishers:

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Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approves fire extinguishers upon successful completion of a series of tests. All fire extinguishers are measured against the performance of water as an agent.The higher the rating, the more water it would take to put out the fire. The rating on the extinguisher tells all the relative quantity of water which can extinguish the size fire that this particular extinguisher is capable of. A dry chemical extinguisher with a 6A rating is equivalent to three 2 1/2 gallon water extinguishers.

Class A Fire Extinguisher Rating:

“A” TRASH–WOOD–PAPER -Class A rated Fire Extinguishers are effective against fires involving paper, wood, textiles, and plastics. The chemical used to fight these fires is monoammonium phosphate, because of its ability to smother fires in these types of materials. A 1A rating and is said to be the equivalent of 1 1/4 gallons (4.7 L) of water. A 2A is said to be the equivalent of 2 1/2 gallons of water A 3A is equivalent to 3 and 3/4 gallons of water.

Class B Fire Extinguisher Rating:

“B” LIQUIDS- Class B rated Fire extinguishers are effective against flammable liquid fires. These fires can be where cooking liquids, oil, gasoline, kerosene, or paint have ignited. Two commonly used chemicals are effective in fighting these types of fires. Monoammonium phosphate effectively smothers the fire, and sodium bicarbonate causes a chemical reaction which puts the fire out. A 40 B:C rating tells all that the extinguisher consistently put out 100 square feet of B type fire.

Class C Fire Extinguisher Rating:

“C” ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT-Fire extinguishers with a Class C rating are suitable for fires in “live” electrical equipment. Both monoammonium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate are commonly used to fight this type of fire because of their non-conductive properties. Class C agents are simply non-conductive. 

Class D Fire Extinguisher Rating:

Class D fire extinguishers are used on metal fires. The agent used depends on the metal for which the extinguisher was designed.

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